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The Benefits of Regular Massage Session

Once people discover the many joys and benefits of massage, a common question arises - "How often should I schedule my massage sessions?"
There is no set answer, but studies indicate that massage at regular intervals is most beneficial to your overall health.

A weekly massage may seem an indulgence, but new research suggests it can
have major health benefits...

Scientists are now finding that massage can reduce blood pressure, boost the
immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin.  And you can't beat massage for relaxation. 

Massage can also stimulate nerves that carry signals from the skin to the brain, triggering changes throughout the body.... Massage stimulates the brain's vagus nerve, causing the secretion of food-absorption hormones, including insulin.

Remember, your body strives to maintain optimum health by keeping all of its systems in balance.  Along with proper nutrition, exercise and rest, massage relaxes muscles, increases blood circulation, and stimulates the body's communication lines to help it do its job and keep you feeling your best.  So, make regular massage a priority in your life for a healthier tomorrow. 
 That's all the excuse anyone should need to indulge.

When is Massage not Beneficial To You

Fever- massage increases circulation will work against body's natural defenses
Inflammation- massage can irritate an area of inflammation making it worse
High Blood Pressure- massage affects the blood vessels so light massage 
Infectious Diseases- if you have a flu or diphtheria massage is not good
Hernia- massage is not good to push on organs with protrusions
Osteoporosis- condition in which bones become porous,brittle and fragile
Varicose Veins- massage over varicose veins can worsen the problem
Broken Bones- mending bones should not be massaged
Skin Problems- avoid massage if you have rashes, wounds, burns,boils,blisters
Recent surgery- only if doctor approves otherwise no massage
Cancer- can spread through the lymphatic system massage increases circulation
Other conditions and diseases- diabetes, asthma, seek doctors advise
Hiv infection- if (AIDS), visible rashes, sores, lesions or swelling

At HEALING TOUCH MASSAGE BY SABINA, I  take care to provide my clients  with a  high quality services personalized for your unique needs.  Whether you are looking to relax or get rid of pain I can help you with both.