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"HEALING TOUCH MASSAGE BY SABINA is the best place to get a relaxing or deep tissue massage in the most comfortable
environment "

Dave D.
Universal City, TX
I anticipated a good pain relieving massage what I received was an outstanding massage. Sabina, a real professional, took extra time to work out knots that I had lived with for years. Her personality, friendliness, and professional attitude make her truly one of San Antonio's best.

K. D. I.
San Antonio, TX
I've been receiving massages from Sabina for probably more than 8 years, which alone should be a testament of her capabilities. But nevertheless, it should not go without saying that she gives an excellent massage, which in my case is a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai stretching. Due to the length of our professional relationship, I believe I have been the guinea pig for a variety of her newly acquired techniques, such as back walking, and of which some weren't my cup of tea ... but, we've quickly narrowed in on the specific techniques that are best for me. :-) The focal point here is that Sabina possesses a diverse tool set of massage techniques that she readily adapts to match the needs of her individual clients. Further, I suspect that the majority of her clients are satisfied with the typical frequent (weekly) one (1) hour massage. I, on the other hand, opt for a less frequent (monthly) three (3) hour massage ... that seems to work best for me. The point here is that Sabina adeptly manages her schedule and is able to accommodate a variety of different scheduling needs from her clients. As a matter of fact, she provides me with reminders when my usual appointment is on the horizon. In summary, I typically do not like to provide these types of glowing reviews, because it only causes additional client competition for her services, but Sabina is an exceptional masseuse and I highly recommend her. I've done the research, and for me there's no need to look anywhere else.

San Antonio, Tx
Great massage. Professional massage and well trained in stretching techniques, back walking and traditional deep tissue. My chronic back pain improves with every visit. She listens to my problem areas and gets into the pain areas to get some relief.. She does not let the clock get in the way of getting the results needed.

B. J.
San Antonio, TX
If you want a great professional massage in a relaxing, clean and safe atmosphere, then this is the place to go. She listens to your concerns and then works your problem areas. She doesn't rush the sessions and leaves you feeling very relaxed. I will definetly be going back.

James R.
Galveston, TX
Sabina is the real deal. In this fast paced stressful world, she creates an environment that is peaceful and serene. She is strong yet gentle as the tight muscles turn into relaxed flesh. She has always been very professional and nurturing. You won't be disappointed.

Kenneth K.
New Braunfels, TX
You will definitely want to get an hour and a half with Sabina. First of all, you will be greeted with a friendly and personable provider. Next, the massage will be excellent as she will determine what areas you think are in need of the most work. It is typically my back and shoulders, and she will spend the time necessary to get the knots out. If you are looking for a superb therapeutic massage that will leave you loose and relaxed, this is the place to get it.

John S.
San Antonio, TX
It was the best massage I've received in years and I get them every couple of months. When she was done I didn't even feel like getting off the table. I was so relaxed. I got an hour and a half massage and it was only 90 bucks you can't beat a deal like that I walked out feeling like 1,000,000 bucks. After I got dressed I was able to sit in the front room waiting area and have drink a water and some casual conversation with her. She's very interesting and easy to open up too. she was very friendly and good looking too. That didn't hurt at all. Overall I was very satisfied with the massage in the conversation and would give her 5 stars. 

Pablo C.
San Antonio, TX 
Sabina is an incredible therapist. She customizes your massage every session. I have been seeing her now for a year. She cares! I'm a diabetic and I suffer from leg cramps and she has even gone over my two hour session just to release my tension leaving me completely relaxed. She can do very deep work when I need it or she can do a light soothing massage.

Ryan B.
Sabina has been working on me for almost 2 years and I won't go anywhere else! She is very attentive to your pain areas and has a great personality. After having a parachute malfunction in 2002, I needed a therapist that would consistently deliver a massage that made me feel better and less pain- Sabina has little hands of god. 

Highly Recommend ! 
Ryan B San Antonio 

Raul L.
San Antonio, TX 
Enjoy a very relaxing massage by friendly, honest, professional therapist. A perfect respite from the stress of every day life. I have been many times and have never been disappointed. If you are looking for a massage this is the place to go!!!!

Kurren B.
San Antonio, TX 
Found Sabina looking for a new massage therapist, I am so glad I did! She is amazing, she gets to every muscle in every part of the body, listens to every request and pays great attention to your needs. She offers back walking as well which was great. She is also very interesting to converse with, making the experience that much better. I would recommend her to anybody looking for muscle and stress relief.

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